Amanti Teak Planks redefines the heritage of Indonesia's premium quality teak hardwoods by introducing a collection of engineered wide plank flooring in a variety of custom finishes and colors to the modern urban living environment.

Our deep belief in the principles of environmental sustainability compel us to adhere to the principles of eco-friendly manufacturing through crafting abundant waste materials sourced from traditional sawmills into strong, durable wooden floor components.

Bearing its rich original patina colors and textures, the Amanti Teak Planks introduces a new generation of exquisite teak flooring with a vision to emphasize the balanced harmony between the living earth and the urban environment.
Available in custom finishes and colors, our collections set a new style of teak flooring that has never been available from the Far East before.
From sourcing, through to the manufacturing process and recycling of waste materials, Amanti’s strict procedures of Re-use – Recycle – Reduce percolate throughout the manufacturing process.
For Dealerships, Resellers and Designers please email us for samples, project pricing, technical and other information.